MLM Success – The Hidden Factor That Causes Much Success in the MLM World

April 13, 2011

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MLM SuccessHave you ever stopped to wonder what would help you along to MLM success the fastest and easiest way?

I would say nearly every distributor wonders that everyday, as the thought of succeeding consumes their mind.

But what if I told you that there is one factor of your MLM business that can carry you right to success…especially when combined with a proven marketing plan.

What is that factor? It’s actually a trait. Do you have it?

The trait is LIKEABILITY!

Being a likable person, or rather a person that everyone likes, is one of the most important factors of MLM success

You see, one of the reasons that people will follow your lead, and we all know that you need to be a great leader in network marketing…is when they like you. People will follow the person they really truly like and admire all day over anyone else…even if that other person is more successful.

Let’s take the last presidential race for instance. It’s easy to see, especially now, that Barack Hussein Obama wasn’t elected because he was successful at anything yet. He had no record to speak of. He was not successful at anything that could be found. But he had that one factor that got him elected as the leader of the world. He was a great speaker, and therefore he was perceived as being a very likable guy.

It’s the same thing that got Bill Clinton through the whole “blue dress” impeachment. It’s also the same thing that may get Mr. Trump elected in 2012 if he decides to run.

Likeability…especially true and genuine likeability that stands the test of time…will get you extremely far in life.

If you look around in our industry to those who have achieved MLM success, and are well known, you can see that these people have certain qualities that people are attracted to.

Mark Yarnell’s got that Texas accent and attitude, that tells people that he means business. He’s a no nonsense sort of guy that people want to be around.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is one of those guys that you feel like you know as soon as he starts speaking. He’s obviously got a great way with people, you can see that just by the businesses that he’s built.

He’s also a no nonsense sort of guy who seems to take control of things from a different angle than most people…and it seems to work.

So How Do You Become Likable for MLM Success?

So then you might be thinking that you’re not such a likeable person. That people don’t flock to you like they do people like Tom “Big Al” or Mark Yarnell, or Donald Trump. But the fact is that you’ve got the traits already to become likeable, but you just need to amplify those traits.

You can start by going back to the files of your mind, and thinking about all the times that you’ve heard someone say “you’re so ______”. Now it’s up to you to fill in that blank. You’re so honest, sincere, funny, crazy, friendly, nice, happy all the time, straight forward, hard working.

Once you’ve remembered this, it’s time to focus on those traits and amplify them… because that’s what’s already working. And when you do it this way, you’re being genuine. You’re not being something that you’re not. That’s what it takes to grab that likeability factor and run with it right toward MLM success.

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