MLM Marketing: Pinterest is it for you?

July 18, 2012

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MLM marketingA new sensation for

MLM marketing

is Pinterest. Pinterest moved onward to open testing in the late part of 2010, later on Pinterest was labeled by Time Magazine as one of the “50 best websites of 2011”. According to comScore (Jan 2012) they reported that Pinterest broke over 11 million unique users. What does this mean as in terms for

MLM marketing

strategies, a ton of opportunity to develop a new network?

MLM marketing

traditional tactics will have to shift focus from direct textual based to visual soothing imagery or videos.

Why the hype for

MLM marketing

for Pinterest? Sit back and sip from a cup of coffee for a minute and let me explain. The hype of the marketing effort for users on Pinterest can boost your networking, recruiting and sales levels. You should be super hyped about accessing the unique digital platform that Pinterest offers to its users. The unique appeal to your potential clients or possible distributors within your network is their ability to see the product. They can share the “pins” to other users, comment or like their favorite items.

You can capitalize on this digital platform with various tactics that includes linking back to your website. There are pin and follow buttons that you can place onto your website for your clients. The power of converting leads starts with a user account on Pinterest; you should create a bulletin board or two and upload images of your products. The boards have several unique features to incorporate within your particular business. They can be themed and streamlined with your content for easy access. There is so much ability for your business that you should explore the site as soon as possible.

Once you have engaged your audience on this website, they should easily follow you to back to your website. If not, you may have to try a different method of communication with your Pinterest network. The power of branding on this site is unfathomable; there are so many different techniques to deploy without breaking their rule of excessive self-promotion. You should seize the moment to help increase your down line by incorporating this social media to its potential. Here is another tidbit to help start you off on Pinterest, interact with the community, pin and share their stuff. You may want to display your personality a bit.

You will have to experiment with the functionality of the site. There are plenty of tools at your disposal to use, that you may be already using on other social outlets. These tools are useful and in more demand as our society are becoming more open on the internet than in public. Your networking capabilities may give you an edge on Pinterest.

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