MLM Companies – A Huge Lie That Some MLM Recruiters Will Tell You So That You’ll Join Their Opportunity!

August 20, 2012

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MLMOkay so there’s certainly no shortage of


Companies out there in this world. In the United States of America alone there are about 2500 of them at any given moment. Each of these have distributors out there vying for you to join with them and their



Of course this isn’t such a bad thing, and I’m not knocking them. I’m part of that number. But the fact is that there are some less than honest people out there trying to recruit anybody and everybody in order to earn a quick buck, and therefore they’ll say anything to get people to join their opportunity. I’m not part of that number.
This makes it very difficult and frustrating if you’re out there actively seeking out


companies that have the potential for you to join.
It’s just an overwhelming amount of choice.

And naturally each company swears up and down to be the absolute best. They claim to have the best and most effective products, and their company has the best pay outs. They say that you can get richer faster with company X than you can with Company Y, etc.

It’s not that you can’t get rich with


because you most certainly can. In fact it’s an industry that produces more millionaires than both the stock market and real estate. The ability to make a great deal of money is totally there, but it’s not as easy as some


Companies will have you believe.
The Biggest Lie That MLM Companies Will Tell You
But there is one big lie that you’ll hear more than most others that


companies will come at you with in order to get you to join their business opportunity…which makes it seem much easier than it really is.

The lie is that the products will “Sell Themselves” because they’re so great.

I’ve got news for you. I’ve been in the business world for several decades, and the fact is that nothing in the world will ever, or has ever, sold itself. In order to sell something someone MUST persuade a buyer or a prospect to join an opportunity, by spelling out the benefits of the product or business opportunity.
Of course I truly and completely believe in


products and their effectiveness. In fact I’ve seen some what would seem as “miraculous” results from people who have used



I know that the people out there who are serious about having a great


company, will go to great lengths to formulate and test, and improve their products so that they fit into the category of the best products in the world.
In fact, these products might be so good and so effective that people will re-order over and over again…and that’s actually the key to MLM. But the truth is that someone MUST sell that original order for the products.

I’ve never in my over 2 decades of


and dealing with any MLM company, have ever seen a product sell itself. I’ve been around a lot of products.
I’ve even been around quite a few MLM companies where the opportunity was so good that the people would seem crazy not to want to join… But regardless how good an opportunity or how great a product is, it’s not going to move without YOU (or someone) to sell the benefits of that product, and therefore generate cash flow coming in from that sell.

It’s my opinion that MLM companies need to stop this lie, and just be honest. They’re basically playing on the fear of selling that most people hold. But if you want to be in MLM then those people that you recruit need to know the truth or you’re never going to be successful anyways with a downline built on false pretenses.
Don’t you want to know how to have a successful


business where you don’t need to tell lies to get there? Do you want training from two of the world’s most renowned


trainers. If so then click here now!

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