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February 15, 2012

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It’s sort of sad, but a lot of people make earning money with an MLM business much more complicated than it really needs to be.

MLM Business

You see, most people go into this industry, not realizing something that will actually make or break your business.

That something is that YOU are only as good as your TEAM (downline).

How to Earn Big With an MLM Business

So here’s the deal. If you have a team that’s doing well in MLM, you’ll do well. It only makes sense but so many people take the team out of the equation and think in terms of self. But the logic is simple! If you’re making a commission off of your downlines revenues, then the best way to make more money in with an MLM business…or should I say the only way…is to make sure that your downline makes more money.

Now here’s the thing. Some people who don’t understand that, or opponents to the MLM business structure (usually people who don’t understand that) might say that it sounds like you’re using your team if you’re trying to get them to make more money just so that you can make more money.

Well the exact opposite is true. Let’s take my wife Ann Feinstein and my business. The fact is that while we do earn a tremendous income from home that we’re extremely grateful for, we couldn’t have done so without first creating financial freedom for a number of people within our downline.

Why Earning a Ton of Money In YOUR MLM Business is Good for Others…

We’ve created insanely wealthy people on our path to success, and we’re so proud of that we could burst. You see, if you added up the wealth of those people, then it would FAR surpass the income that we’ve earned within our MLM business, but it’s still the most important part of this business for us.

And the truth is, if you or I are helping others be able to earn a tremendous living, and teaching them each step of the way what do to make that happen, then you SHOULD get compensated for that. You should enjoy a little bit of a commission off of that.

That’s ultimately how the MLM business works, and it’s a tremendous system. You’ve got the chance to experience financial success, and time freedom, and a lifestyle that people dream of having. And on your path there, you get to leave in your glorious wake a trail of success stories…of people that you’ve helped to lift up to a life that they may never have gotten to experience had it not been for you.

And then you get to share in that with them as lifelong friends. You have a special bond with those that you’ve helped, and those who have helped you. It becomes almost like a family, and it’s a great feeling. The company pays you to help others achieve their dreams. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

So What Will You Focus on in Your MLM Business…

Alright so it should make a lot more sense to you where your focus needs to be when trying to grow your MLM business right? You now should understand why you should be thinking about your team’s success, rather than YOUR success.

Doing so will automatically take YOUR MLM business to massive new heights.

If you want to know how we can help you see huge MLM success, and how we can teach you how to make your team see huge MLM success, then click here now!

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