Marketing a Home Business – The Key to Getting More People to Say Yes

June 9, 2011

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Marketing a Home BusinessThere is a ton of information out there about marketing a home business. The internet is chock full of stuff that is slated to be the next greatest technique or method.

Everyone wants to try to sell you the next shiny object when it comes to marketing.

But what most seem to forget is that sometimes simply sticking to the basics is about the wisest thing you can do. The basics seem to be a forgotten aspect of marketing a home business. There is one basic tenet however that happens to be one of the most important in all marketing, all the time.

The Most Important Aspect of Marketing a Home Business and Simply Getting More People to Say Yes to Your Offers…

So here’s the deal…

Marketing isn’t as hard as everyone will have you believe. It’s not easy of course, and most people do it sorely wrong, but I believe that it’s because most people over complicate things.

Most people will create an ad or entire marketing campaign for their business and forget the one most important aspect of that campaign altogether. This aspect is the SELFISH aspect and question that everyone has which is “what’s in it for me”.

Now here’s the thing. Many of those who are marketing a home business do eventually get to this question somewhere in the ad. They’ll elude to it within the body of a sales page…maybe on a bullet somewhere, etc. But the problem is that usually this is too little too late.

The best place to appeal to this selfish part that the prospect/reader has is as close to the beginning of the ad as possible. Now usually this will mean right smack in the HEADLINE of the ad if this is a print ad. If not, and the way that you obtain leads and/or customers for your home business is person to person, then getting the main benefit or advantage to the customer as close to your opening statement as possible is paramount.

Either way, the gist of it is that the faster you appeal to that part of the brain which overpowers everything else, the “what am I going to get” part of the brain…the more success you’ll have with your business.

The reason is simple. As soon as you tell the prospect what you can do for them, it will intrigue them to want to hear more. That’s the main goal of all marketing, is to catch the attention of someone who will be responsive to your solution to there problems or fulfillment to their needs. Once you’ve captured their attention then half the battle is won.

Here’s how to try this yourself…

If you use a website for marketing your home business, then change the headline using a benefit ridden headline. Basically an “if you do this (join my biz op, buy my products, etc.), you will get this.”

If you use face to face marketing, then simply change your first sentence in the same way.

If you use radio, do the same… make your first sentence clear as day spelling out exactly what the benefit is of your product, service, or business opportunity.

Whatever your method of marketing a home business is, you’ll see that this simple exercise will increase your business and income.

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