Losing Weight Surely and Slowly in a Fast Food World

July 31, 2009

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Agel Fit Packet, Agel Products from Ann and David FeinsteinOf all the emotions that we experience when losing weight, and shedding the extra pounds, frustration is probably the biggest of them all. Of course it’s not easy…in fact it’s hard. Just as annoying is that it takes a long time! As humans we like things right here, right now…like YESTERDAY!

It doesn’t help when you’re battling hunger pangs and trying to get by on no energy.

Frankly most people have trouble doing it by themselves through discipline, exercise, and diet alone.

Agel has created a solution that has helped tons of people, including myself and my brother-in-law Mark. Basically, Agel is a company of solutions, and helping people deal with health issues, and longevity in sensible, convenient, and effective ways is what they do best.

This is the reason Ann and I decided to switch MLM companies even after a successful seventeen year stint with another company. This is why Agel is growing at such rapid rates…because of there products.

Okay back to the weight loss.

Weight loss has pretty much been a pain in the fat butt for millions and millions of people worldwide (though the US seems to be in the worst trouble right now)…

Agel’s answer to the problem is a great and effective one called Agel FIT!

This is one of the foundational products of Agel’s product line. It’s proven to be effective time and time again for Agel customers and distributors alike.

It’s no secret that the weight loss industry is extremely competitive. Agel FIT has stood up in this competition basically because it works. But not only that.

It’s also easy and simple to use. It comes just like all the other Agel products in single serve gel packs, so you can just squeeze and go. (hmmm…that could go either way LOL)

Basically Agel FIT is there to help those who just can’t seem to get rid of those extra pounds that stick to you like biscuit dough to a spoon. If you need to ditch that surplus inner tube hanging out over your pants line then FIT is what you need.

Better yet, it’s what a ton of people need. It’s a huge market, and people…in our experience as Agel distributors…keep coming back for more. That happens when something works like gangbusters in a world where most products are a bust. Most lead to sheer disappointment – and aren’t even easy to consume.

Results always sell, and that’s what all of Agel’s products (FIT being no exception) deliver…is results.

It could also be the added benefit of increased serotonin levels which gives FIT customers a mood boost and stress reduction.

If you know someone who could benefit from FIT (who doesn’t know someone overweight) or if you yourself can benefit, then it’s time to find out how you can both help people and probably get paid a nice sum of money for it. Check out Agel’s business opportunity, where you can learn more about all of the products.

David Feinstein

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