Looking for a New MLM Business?

January 18, 2010

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keytosuccessgoldenSo you’re on the hunt down for a new MLM business but not sure which you want to go with?

The question would be WHY of course. It always seems to start there doesn’t it? But of course there’s a good reason for that. It would be silly to try and make a change in your life, if you didn’t know why you wanted to change.

Ann and I changed MLM companies after 17 successful years with our previous company, so we know exactly how you feel when it comes to wanting to change. Of course we had our own personal reasons for making the switch over to Agel, but our reasons don’t necessarily have to correlate with yours.

Naturally people thought we were crazy for wanting to change after all the success that we were having but as much as we loved being a part of our last company, we’re very excited about the change that we’ve made, and we actually reached the same level of income within only a few short years with Agel so we’re happy we switched.

Now Let’s Talk About Why You Want to Change…

A lot of people will start an MLM business, and though they love the industry, and the way to make money in the industry, they’re just not really happy about the company they chose.

Now, of course it’s not good to be an opportunity jumper. Doing that will get you absolutely nowhere fast! So you have to give it a lot of thought and figure out precisely what it is about the company that you chose that you don’t like.

• Is it the products?
• Do you feel that the company is operating unethically?
• Are you not making enough money (this may very well be because of the person who brought you in more than the company).
• Are you not happy with the compensation plan and feel like you’re not being paid fairly for the amount of people that you’re bringing in?
• Does your company frown on the way that you’re bringing in new distributors (Believe it or not some companies have not yet fully embraced the internet and social media, and all of that good stuff. Luckily Agel has, and well…so has our team)…

So there are just a few of the reasons that you may be looking to for a new MLM business. In any of those cases, it’s definitely your prerogative.

You’ll surely get some heat for changing either way you look at it. If you’ve only been with a company for a little bit, then your upline or people in the forums will tell you that you have to stick it out and give it a shot.

If you’ve been with the company for a number of years, then you’ll hear things like you’re abandoning your organization, you’re leaving a company that’s given you so much… or more positive things even like “you’re just about to break through that huge wall”, or “massive success is just around the corner for you”.

I tell you this not to make you feel bad for changing your MLM business, but to prepare you. The important thing is that you do what’s right for you.

I would emphasize the fact that this time around you should put in as much time and research as you can to make sure that the next company that you find is your new permanent home for a while.

And, I would like you to really think about who you’re partnering up with.

I mean let’s face it… you could find the greatest company in the world but if you have no support from your upline you’ll be just as lost and meandering as you are now.

You should work probably harder to find an upline to join with that has a marketing system in place that can fast track you to success. Hopefully it will be a system that makes use of both face to face, as well as embracing the internet. Hopefully it’s a system that thousands have already used to see success.

Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the fact that since you’re looking to find a new MLM business that you can get behind, with true leaders as your upline, and a true system to follow to the fast track to MLM success…that my wife Ann and I have exactly that to offer you.

Of course it’s up to you whether or not we and Agel meet your criteria, but it’s worth checking out. Go now, and visit our website and see how to start your new MLM business on the right foot.

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