Is Agel Giving Away Free Cars?

July 17, 2009

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Agel Car Bonus, Agel EnterprisesI always find it sort of humorous and ironic when I think about all of the successful Agel distributors who could easily afford just about any vehicle they want NOW, but could barely make the payments at times before there success with Agel. The ironic and funny part is that with the Agel Car Bonus, they don’t have to make a car payment anymore, Agel makes it for them.

It kind of reminds me of the days managing and handling the money for major rock stars. Before they were rock stars they had to scrimp and scrounge for the money to buy their musical equipment, and keep the equipment in good condition. But as soon as they become rock stars and get sponsorships from the big music equipment companies, they start getting that same equipment for FREE… often much more than they could ever play in one lifetime. LOL

Well, the fact is that they deserved that for all of the hard work that they put in. That’s my opinion, especially after traveling with them and seeing them rise from nothing to huge stars.

The fact is that Agel rewards their hard workers as well, by giving a special car bonus.

No Agel is not going to go out and buy you a car, or have a car delivered to you (although that would be nice) but they do the next best thing which is give you a bonus amount each month so that you can make your car payments. There car payment bonus goes from 500 per month at the Senior Director level, all the way up to $3000 per month at the Quadruple Diamond level.

It’s a great bonus, and the best part is that it’s not a thing where you have to hand in receipts and show them where the money is going. It’s a bonus check and you spend it however you wish. It’s great.

Now I was actually wrong on one notion though. You see there is one way where they will actually give you a two year lease for a car. And not just any old car! Try a Lamborghini Murcielago. It does take some work to get to that point however, but it’s obtainable for anyone who wants it.

Either way… Let me ask you this. Even at the lowest level, how great would it be to have Agel making your car payment for you at even $500 per month? If you’ve ever had car trouble in your life, if you’ve ever wished you could have a new car every year, or every two years without breaking the bank then Agel’s Luxury Car Bonus is your ticket…and to get to the level of Senior Director only takes action, dedication, and a willingness not to quit before the finish line.

So, is Agel giving away Free Cars? Well sort of. Are you ready for your Luxury Car Bonus? Ann and David Feinstein have helped tons of people get theirs, and they can help you too!

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