How to Use “Failure” to Propel you To Success with Your Home Based Business…

May 3, 2010

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2There’s this little problem that seems to get in the way of people succeeding with their home based business, and that little thing is called FAILURE!

But it’s not so much the act of failing that gets in the way… it’s actually the word! The failure taints people’s minds and that they look at a failed event (notice I say event) as the end of the road.

Most people, when trying to achieve success at anything whether it’s a home based business, or if it’s learning a new instrument – will look at setbacks (failed events) as basically a “road closed” sign, and will stop and retreat.

The people who actually succeed in life however don’t do this at all. The people who succeed in life will have a failed event, and then instead of stopping, quitting, and retreating, they will simply change course and go in another direction.

In other words they look at failure not as the end of the road, but as the beginning of a new one. This is also known as perseverance. People who persevere through failure are the only people to succeed. The reason I can say that with total confidence is because of the fact that I know that no road to success is a smooth ride with no failed events, especially with a home based business.

There are tons and tons of things just waiting to test you. You will go down wrong paths, you will do things wrong, you will say the wrong things, you will mess stuff up, there will be things that you don’t know how to do…etc., etc. And I suppose the good part about this – if you’re the type of person who has perseverance – is that most people will drop out at the first signs of trouble. Most won’t make it even through the first failed event, much less the second and third.

And that’s where you’ll have the edge. That’s one of the reasons why you CAN succeed with a home based business even when it seems like there’s so much competition. The reality is that most of that competition simply just hasn’t had their first failure! They just haven’t quit YET!

Your competition is only the few others who are willing to persevere through the thick of it all no matter what. They will succeed right along with you and that’s ok. There’s actually room for everyone to succeed.

Here’s the thing… if you’re looking to succeed with a home based business its best that you know right now that your next failed event is just moments away. You WILL have them. There will be times…perhaps numerous…where things won’t go right.

You have to be prepared to walk right through those events, and know that each time you do (if you assess the situation and change course) that you’ll be that much closer to success.
After all, when you “fail” or I should say when something that you try doesn’t give you the result that you were hoping for, it’s really just showing you another way that won’t work. Now there are only so many paths that you can go to get any results at all…so the faster you rule out all of the failing results…the faster you get to the winning results.

And with a home based business there are many ways to get winning results. You may have an income goal of earning $5,000 per month, but if you get to $1,500 per month is that really a failure? I would say not. If you get to $100 a month is that a failed result? Nope…that’s a winning result that simply needs to be expanded. I think you get the picture here.

Don’t be afraid to fail with your home based business. Don’t be afraid to start because things might not work right. Rush toward those things that don’t right, and then change course accordingly. Before you know it, your competition will have thinned, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of success with your home based business.

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