How to Easily Double Your Network Marketing Business By Being Consistent!

March 22, 2010

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stockxpertcom_id849510_size2Every home based business owner whether in network marketing or anything else needs leads. For us network marketers obviously having a constant flow of leads is the life blood of our business.

This is especially true in the beginning. The good part is that if you get good at lead generation in the beginning, and learn to close leads really good, then down the road you won’t have to think about it.

Basically what I’m saying that if you build your team to a certain point, then you can redirect your efforts to making sure that your new team thrives, and therefore so will you.

But getting the lead generation part of your home based business down is the hard part.

Now there are a lot of mistakes that are made that make me shake my head in wonderment of what people are thinking. But the one mistake that I see that seems to keep coming up again and again, and holds so many people back is easily inconsistency.

If you’re going to build a home based business, and generate leads for that business, then you need to be laser consistent. This means that you need to be constantly doing the things that are going to build your lead funnel.

There are different elements to this. If you’re generating leads online then you’re going to have to work on traffic and conversion. These are the keys to your business.

Not just small bursts of traffic however. You need to create a system where traffic is coming in at a consistent pace every single day. This could be done with paid advertising or can be done through article marketing, or social marketing, or some other sort, but the key is doing something every single day so that it’s consistent.

So what I’m not talking about is getting 400 people to visit your site one day, and then none for the next 2 weeks. That’s not going to do you any good. Heck you can’t even test your conversions with that sort of traffic to your home based business website.

The next step is to get your lead generation site converting at a consistent rate. So let’s say you’re getting 100 visits a day to your site. Now let’s say you’re getting 10 people to leave you their information a day. So you know that your site is converting at 10% for optins.

Now let’s say that out of those 10 people you can sign up 1 person consistently.

So then, if you want to increase your business you have a framework to work with. You can now decide if you want to increase your traffic, or increase your conversions, or both. So you can essentially double your business by getting 200 visitors to your site daily, or by tweaking your page so that you get 20 people to give you their info.

But the fact is without the consistency in your efforts, and getting a consistent stream of people coming to your home business site, you would have never known what you needed to change to double your network marketing business.

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