How to Become a Great MLM Sponsor and Take Your Team and Entire MLM Business To New Amazing Heights…

September 24, 2012

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MLMOne of the biggest problems these days with the


business is that people have forgotten what it is to be a great


sponsor. They want to be rich yesterday in their business and instead of doing what it truly takes to get there, they try to take a bunch of shortcuts…leaving their downline in the dust.

That’s not going to get you anywhere. In fact it’s going to probably leave you right where you are and very frustrated indeed. So you need to start doing exactly what it takes to be a great


sponsor starting today so that you can see you


business soar.

So What Makes a Great MLM Sponsor Anyways?

Great question… I thought you’d never ask. Well there are few traits that make a sponsor great for an


business and build a team that is rock solid and performs extremely well and effectively.

First of all you have to do something that’s tough for a lot of people but it’s crucial. You have to put YOUR success on the backburner and focus on the success of your team instead. That’s a hard transition to make in your mind, but it essentially is the core foundation of building a solid and successful



Let’s face it this home business model is set up extremely well where leverage is the key. Therefore by you being a strong and tremendous sponsor that people look up to means that your success is inevitable as long as your team is successful.

Making Strong Demands…

Ok before you freak out, you need to understand that the demands I’m talking about are healthy and positive. Basically you have to demand that your team is dedicated to their goal, and they’re committed to doing what is necessary. But they’re committed to doing these things ethically.

But more importantly you must demand that your team be accountable for doing what they say that they’re going to do. In other words if you’re training them on Monday, and you’re giving them steps to take and they are committed to getting these things done and report back to you by Wednesday, you have to let them know that you mean business and they need to live up to their promise.

The fact is that you can’t pull people through this business, and if you try you’re setting yourself up for failure. You need to take the serious ones, focus on them, and help them by giving them solid steps and guidance to get to their goals.

And don’t think that YOU are giving up on the others. They’ve already given up on themselves. They may or may not come around again, but until they’re serious about succeeding for themselves – until they’re serious about having a successful


business, there’s nothing that you can do for them.

So basically the secret ingredient is CARING. Caring for the success of your MLM team members and mentoring them to the success that you know is available to them. The best part is that they will model your behavior for their own


business which creates a strong solid team that grows like wild-fire!

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