How Ramping Up Your Personal Customer Service Habits for Your Network Marketing Business Can Result in an Increase In Your Income…

May 6, 2010

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dreamstime_4309468When we have a home based business we tend to forget that we need to be sure that our customer service is up to snuff.

Just like your local hardware store, the thing that makes people want to keep coming back to YOU is not how smart you are, or how much money you earn, but how you treat THEM. So if your downline or retail product users aren’t feeling like they’re actually getting good “service” from you…they will walk.

In fact if we’re talking product users, they will simply leave you and simply go find a new distributor to buy from. This happens because very often someone with a network marketing business will ignore their product customers and focus solely on their business builders. That’s a big mistake for a whole host of reasons.

(In fact to read an article that emphasizes the importance of building an MLM product customer base can and should be read by clicking here!)

But the fact is that you can’t go on thinking that you’re immune from people getting up and leaving your network marketing business just because it’s a home business.

So what are some things that you can do to make sure that people aren’t leaving your business in droves because of your lack of customer service attention?

First of all the easiest way to impress people, both in your downline and product customers, is to simply be there. To be available! I see so many network marketers these days online touting that they’ve got systems where you never have to speak to anyone.

Don’t fall for this. What these people actually are selling is an internet marketing system rather than a network marketing system. This can be a great home business, but the fact is that if you’re calling yourself a network marketer and you’re not talking to anyone, then you’re actually not a network marketer at all.

Here’s the deal. Joining a business opportunity is a huge decision. It’s not cheap and you’re stepping into a huge commitment. Even dropping a hundred bucks for a months worth of products that you’ve never heard of, you’ve never seen in a store, and you really aren’t positive is going to give your results is an enormous decision. For some people it could even mean having to work a couple hours of overtime. So you can’t take the fact that these people are going to have some very poignant questions lightly.

And if you’re not there to answer they WILL move on to someone who does.

But the customer service doesn’t stop when someone signs on to join your team, or orders your products. And don’t even think that you can just defer them to call the company, or to an online brochure that explains how things work. Nah uh! These people bought from you, and they expect answers from you. And they’re right to expect that.

The fact is, if you don’t want to deal with these things then you really shouldn’t be in this business at all. You should perhaps go ahead and try to become purely an internet marketer who hides behind his computer. (Only the residual income isn’t there!)

The bottom line is that your best chance of succeeding with your network marketing business is caring about the people that you deal with. This goes from prospects who aren’t sure, to downline members who need to be trained, and to product users who aren’t sure if they should take Agel Fit with Agel HRT or not!

Your home business, especially if you want to be in my downline, had better say WELCOME at the front door, and it had better mean it. If not, you then your chances of becoming successful with a network marketing business are dismal, and your chances of growing a global empire like we have with our team get flushed straight down the toilet.

If you’re stuck and you need to figure out how to have better customer service, or you think you need training in any other areas, then click here now!

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