How Not to Get Analysis Paralysis and Let Your Network Marketing Business Become Stagnant…

March 29, 2010

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telescope1-300x300One of the hardest parts about the network marketing business, especially when you genuinely care about your team members and even the prospects for that matter – is that you end up seeing people fall by the way-side.

It’s tough because we (my wife Ann and myself) know by first hand experience as well as through all of the thousands of people that we’ve helped succeed in this business how possible it is for anybody to make it in the network marketing business.

But we see something that’s almost becoming an epidemic sort of disease in the entire home based business industry and that’s ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.

It affects a ton of newcomers into the business… many of who could easily go on to totally change their lives financially and beyond, as well as possibly thousands of other’s lives.

Why Analysis Paralysis Happens…

When you begin a network marketing business, you’re taking on a whole lot. There’s generally a lot thrown at you at once, and if you don’t have a good upline team to help you with the overwhelm then you could easily turn into an analysis paralysis statistic.

Basically there are terms and activities thrown at you when you come into the network marketing business from every direction, and you begin thinking that you’ve got to start getting everything done at once.

You begin thinking that you’ve got to learn all about everything (compensation plans, products, back office, sales, etc) before you can start taking action and nothing can be further from the truth.

It’s simply an affect of having too much information to download into your brain at once and you’ve probably seen with your own home computer what happens when you try that right? That’s right…a whole lotta nothin’!

How to Avoid Getting Stuck and Paralyzed In Your Network Marketing Business…

There’s a few ways that you avoid this.

Here are 3 Easy Ways Right Now…

First… Just Get Started…get it in your mind that you don’t need to know everything just to get started. When you get into your car there’s a good chance that you don’t have a clue how or why the darn thing works. Why it starts, why it moves, etc. There’s just too much to know, and if you did have to know everything first you’d probably never drive anywhere.

Well the same goes for starting a home business, especially in network marketing. So decide and commit to taking action even if you don’t know everything right now while you’re reading this.

Did you commit? Good let’s move on…

Second… Get step by step instructions from your upline sponsor. Ask them what you can start doing today to get your business moving forward.

If they start giving 8 thousand things to read and learn first go upline from them until someone can you give you the first baby step that you need to take for your network marketing business. Most network marketing trainers and sponsors don’t understand how to teach and so will give you some bad advice. Now you know how to watch for it.

Third… Take baby steps. Learn one thing at a time and build onto it, and eventually you’ll have basically a well oiled system to run.

Your network marketing business needs not ever to get stuck. Don’t fall into the trap when there’s so much potential for you take your business to extraordinary heights.

If you’re stuck now, please leave a comment below and let me try to help you get unstuck. Let’s get you taking steps again toward your home business success.

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