How a Natural Product Made for YOU, Is Helping Race Horses Break Records Left and Right

August 18, 2009

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Agel FLX for healthy joints, Agel Products by Ann and David Feinstein

Racehorse Changeover

If a product can help race horses break records then just imagine what it could do for you.

When we first heard about this from our friends in Auckland, New Zealand we were pretty amazed, even though we already knew how great Agel FLX was for people that we had introduced it to.

But when the stories kept coming in, when News stories were sent to us from our friends in New Zealand about what was going on, we were just beside ourselves.

First of all what’s Agel FLX. It’s a supplement created by Agel for humans (not horses) for healthy joints and to help with damage or injury. It’s also known to be extremely helpful for those with many different types of arthritis. Basically, it’s to repair joints and alleviate pain.

The Success of “Just a Machine” – the Racehorse from New Zealand

Ian Small, a standard bred trainer in South Auckland, was lucky enough to have a friend who knew the power of FLX. When Ian’s winning race horse “Just a Machine” was feeling and performing more like a rusty old machine from inflammation in his joints in the rear leg (an area known as the hock), this friend gave Mr. Small FLX to try on the horse. After checking with his vet, and making sure that the natural supplement would not break any rules Mr. Small began to give “Just a Machine” three packets of the gel packs per day…for just three days.

By the third day, to the horse trainer’s amazement, the swelling had gone down significantly. He continued the treatment and “Just a Machine” actually went on to start winning once again, back at 100%!

Now if that were the only case you could easily pass it off as a coincidence. Maybe the horse would have gotten better even without the FLX right?

Over 100 Racehorses Can’t Be Wrong

But since the success of Agel FLX on “Just a Machine”, Ian Small shared this with many of his thoroughbred friends (I guess one could argue if that was a good idea or not)… but now over 100 horses who have been on FLX have won gone on to win races. I don’t think you can logically use the coincidence argument with this.

Here’s Why Agel Works so Great for Humans and Apparently for other Species Like… Horses!

Agel FLX is a one of a kind product that has certain factors that add to it’s effectiveness. First of all, where most joint products utilize just 2 of the most potent ingredients for

Agel FLX, Agel products by Ann and David Feinstein

Agel FLX packet

joint relief… Glucosamine and Chondroitin… Agel FLX utilizes 2 more that are just as necessary. When combined, it becomes an amazingly potent and successful solution.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and Celadrin are also added to the formula. So you’ve got cartilage building power with the Glucosamine and Chondroitin – the Glucosamine actually assisting the natural Chondroitin production within your body which is the cartilage builder.

Then you’ve got the natural pain reliever MSM, and the lubricating ingredient Celadrin, to keep your joints mobile and slick moving.

Just as importantly, where most of the supplements that people take are in pill form, with Agel FLX you’re getting a gel formulation where the ingredients are actually suspended (think the fruit in the gelatin your grandmother makes)…which helps your body absorb it almost immediately, and completely. With pill form, you lose most of the effective ingredients through the treacherous digestive system.

Where Does That Leave You?

Horses are big strong animals. Horses live and die by the strength of their legs. We all know what happens to a horse once he or she has broken a leg. When something as powerful as Agel FLX comes around that literally turns the health of a racehorse around so that he can go on to win races again (most horses are done after an injury in the racing world) there’s something to be said about how much that same supplement can help you.

Agel FLX is the supplement that horse trainers are raving about… wonder what it could do for your joints?

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