Home Business Success – How Much of YOU Is In Your Business, and Will More Help?

June 15, 2011

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Home Business SuccessIn your quest for home business success, have you ever considered just how much of that success has to do with YOU.

Here’s what I mean… How much of your success has to do with the fact that people like and want to follow you? How much has to do with the fact that you put yourself out there and let people know exactly who you are and what you’re all about, on a regular basis?

These days, people trying to reach home business success flounder around…and much of that is due to the fact that they’re in the mindset of wanting to hide behind their computer and remain anonymous.

But the truth is that those days are virtually over. Why are they over? Because of the fact that there are so many people out there willing to put themselves out there for the world to see, and show their personality. You may not know it, but this influences people to want to work with you more than nearly everything else there is.

It creates a bond and a feeling of trust, and any great marketer in the world will tell you that TRUST is one of the key factors, if not THE key factor. Another one, which putting YOURSELF into your business hits on is LIKABILITY. When people follow your blogs, and when they open your emails, it’s because they like you and trust you.

And then there’s that fact that they feel as though they KNOW you. There’s a BOND between you and them (or at least a perceived bond) even if you don’t really know who they are.

They’re reading about you, getting a peak inside your personal life. You’re sharing funny stories, your feelings on certain topics, giving them valuable content to help them with their business, and then coming in with a video where you’re sitting on the couch telling them face to face about what happened to you yesterday that was funny, and what you’ll be doing tonight for dinner. Stuff like that!

If you don’t believe that this is powerful go ahead and visit one of the masters of this at http://www.tiffanydow.com/blog and then just try not to come back and see what she’s up to the next day. Notice the following that she has, and the amount of comments that she gets on each post.

It’s much like when you find an author who writes a series of books around the same character. For instance Vince Flynn’s “Mitch Rapp” series, or Lee Child’s “Jack Reacher”, or even Ann Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire” series. You get to know the main character (in this case it’s YOU) and you want to know what’s going to happen next.

You’ll read one book and then you literally can’t wait to get a hold of the next book in the series, until you’ve ferociously finished all the books in the series. You then find yourself almost wanting to write the author an email to tell them to “hurry up with the next book please.”

When you get that type of following home business success is nearly inevitable. Asking the people that follow YOU so adamantly if they would like to work with you, it’s almost as if you’re honoring them. It’s like Robert De Niro asking fans if they’d like to be in a movie with him. Of course they would. And they’d do almost anything for the chance.

It may be time for you to start giving more of YOU. When you do just watch how fast your home business success begins to pour in.

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