Home Business Success – Are You Adaptive Enough to Succeed with Your Network Marketing Business?

October 27, 2011

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Home Business SuccessAre you having trouble finding the home business success that you’ve been after?

There could be a good reason for this, and it’s something that many people that I’ve seen have trouble with.

If you haven’t noticed, over the past few years things have been making a definite shift. That shift has a lot to do with technology, and how quickly technology moves.

This means that being able to ADAPT to new things, and do it quickly, has become essential for those who want home business success.

Why Being Able to Adapt Is Essential for Home Business Success

While being able to adapt quickly has always been a huge benefit for those with a home business, especially in the network marketing industry, now you need this skill more than ever.

It used to be, in the days before the internet, that being adaptive meant being able to assess a problem with your recruiting efforts, correcting the problem quickly, and then moving on.

However, these days adapting means that you have to be able to learn a new skill altogether, put that skill to use, and then be able to manipulate that skill until it works for you. And then as technology changes, you need to be able to implement that technology so that it works for you in conjunction with that skill.

A good example of that lately has been the shift onto the internet.

Not too long ago, maybe a year or so, having a website was all the rage in this industry. First it started out that you needed a website, so then the network marketing companies started building one size fits all websites that they would give out to their distributors. So basically each distributor had a functional website that simply had their information.

However as things started to change with Google, and people began to realize that the cookie cutter website wasn’t good enough, people had to learn to build their own websites.

Next people realized that it wasn’t enough just to have a website, you needed a website that let you capture leads, and then respond to those leads. So people started to experiment with lead capture pages, and auto-responders. But they would have to give away something of value so they had to learn to create ebooks, and videos full of useful information.

Next came the fact that attraction marketing was the way to go. Because of all the competing network marketers online, they had to make themselves stand out as the expert in the field. So they had to give tons of value before people would even be intertested, so started the blog craze. So everyone needed to learn to blog if they wanted to keep up.

Then came the social media craze. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Google Plus. So everyone had to figure this out, and the best way to utilize.

Now of course I’m not saying that you have to always be trying to keep up with the Jones’. It’s not about following the crowd all the time. But the fact is that things happen and change quicker than ever before. All of what I just talked about happened in about a five year period.

Before the internet, my wife Ann and I ran our businesses virtually the same for about twenty years, building huge organizations the old fashioned way. We did quite well. But because we were adaptive to change, we were able to embrace the internet and it’s reach, and have grown our organizations even larger.

These days, more than ever, being able to adapt to change is essential. We’re not only talking about the internet, but enormous shifts in economies worldwide are causing us to do business differently and more innovative.

Therefore being able to adapt to change is a skill in itself that will allow you to greatly increase the chances of seeing home business success.

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