Home Business Advice – A Key to Ending Procrastination

August 18, 2011

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Home Business Advice for ProcrastinationI love giving you home business advice that can skyrocket your income.

One of the things that I believe can keep your income down in a huge way is that bad little habit called procrastination.

So the faster you learn to combat that bad habit, the better off you’ll be.

Home Business Advice That Shoots Procrastination Right In the Foot

Procrastination – according to Meriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary is “to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.”

Basic enough right. Putting things off! But why do we put things off that we know that we should or must do? It’s one of those perplexing questions that people have been struggling with on a deep psychological level forever.

Usually when someone procrastinates, they’re doing so because of instant gratification. You procrastinate because it feels better at the time to NOT do the thing that you’re supposed to do than it does to do it.

For instance, in keeping with the home business advice, let’s say you’ve bought some leads that you’re supposed to call. In fact, you know you HAVE to call them, because you spent money on those leads. As a matter of fact, if these leads don’t pan out and get you some immediate bonus cash, you’re going to miss your car payment, and that’s never good right?

But even though you understand that, you still haven’t called the leads 2 weeks after purchasing. Now the leads are growing staler, and your car payment is creeping up on you. So why haven’t you just called. Because the pain of not doing it isn’t strong enough in your mind to make you do it. The pain of not doing it doesn’t overpower the pain of doing it.

Use This Home Business Advice to Defeat Procrastination Starting Today

So therefore, one of the best ways to end nagging procrastination is to set things up so that the pain of not doing something is greater than doing it.

How do you do that? That’s the million dollar question (it very well could be in fact).

Well one of the things that people hate and find more painful than anything else is public embarrassment. And so how do you set yourself up so that if you don’t do what you should be doing will become public embarrassment?

Well it starts by not keeping what you need to do secret. In fact just the opposite. Let as many people know as possible what you should be doing. In other words make a public commitment to doing it!

That’s it. Sounds too simple to be home business advice that can cause your income to skyrocket substantially doesn’t it?

But actually it’s not at all! The fear of public embarrassment has driven people to do stuff that they would have likely put off forever. Something magical happens though when you tell people that you’ll do something. You do it!!!

Try it and watch how fast your procrastination habit fades away. This is home business advice you can take to the bank!

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