Five Traits of the Best MLM Compensation Plan

February 23, 2012

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So you’ve decided to dive into network marketing. You’ve registered a specific URL for your website to cover the online end, researched possible avenues of promotion through pay per click advertising and articles, and you’ve made a list of possible contacts to approach to join your team. All that’s left is to gather all the materials from your chosen company and promote like crazy…you have chosen a program, right?Best MLM Compensation Plan

It’s true that while the idea of getting involved in network marketing, and setting your own work hours and thinking outside the box for promotional opportunities is an attractive proposition, deciding which of the many programs available to concentrate on can lead to indecision. The energy drinks may be easier to market, while the health supplements may attract more members to your team. At the end of the day, however, the deal breaker will be compensation. How will you be rewarded, and how much can you expect to make a month? As you research multi-level marketing companies, you’ll definitely want to look for the plan that offers the highest rates.
While you look around, too, consider these qualities of the

Best MLM Compensation Plan

before you sign any paperwork :

1) The best mlm compensation plan doesn’t make you wait for a specific threshold before paying out.

Some programs won’t hand over a cent until you earn out a minimum amount. This is usually because it costs money to cut checks, and some programs may not be willing to cut small checks each month as opposed to occasional large ones. All the same, it’s your money and you earned it, so you should be entitled to it.

2) The more you sell and add to your network, the more you should earn. Recruit 50 people to your team, and you might expect to receive earnings at a higher rate, especially if some of those 50 go on to recruit 50 more under your umbrella it will eventually mean more income for you, but check to see what bonuses are involved as your team increases.

3) A good program lets you chart your progress. Look for a plan that allows you access to real-time reports. Checking an Internet dashboard to see how your sales are coming along is a great motivator and can let you know which areas of your business need improvement.

4) A good program gives you several options for payment. If you have PayPal, for example, you may wish to receive your funds directly, or else deposited right into your bank. Checks are nice, too, but can take their time in coming.

5) A good program offers efficient problem resolution. If you have issues with payment or credit for networkers recruited, you’ll want answers immediately when you contact customer service. A hallmark of a reputable MLM company is the guidance they provide to ensure you have everything you need, when you need it.

Does your first choice plan offer you the above features? If not, do your homework. MLM should work for you, so sign for a plan where you get the most benefits. Finding the

Best MLM Compensation Plan

takes careful evaluation to make the right decision for you!

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