Email Marketing Part 1 – How to Get More Network Marketing Prospects to Respond to the Emails You Send Them…

March 3, 2010

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email-marketing111111111111Since it’s relatively new to a lot of people, most people just don’t “get” email marketing. You can probably see that from the emails that get sent to your inbox.

Or worse, you may be able to see that from your open and click thru rates from your own emails that you’re sending out. (BTW if your auto-responder company doesn’t let you see that information then you really need to find one that does. Aweber is probably the best and what I use.)

In this post I’m going to focus on getting your emails opened.

Why am I starting here? It’s simple. Because no matter how amazing your email message is, it’s not going to mean anything unless your email gets opened right? Nobody will ever see how greatly crafted it is unless they first open the message.

And nobody is going to open a message unless there’s what? That’s right…a great and enticing SUBJECT LINE!

Subject lines are the key to getting your email messages opened.

What Makes a Good Subject Line?

Before I answer that question, I want to ask you…what makes you open the emails that are in your inbox.

I want to digress a little here…the number one thing that gets someone to open an email message is whether or not they know and like the person sending them the email. If they don’t know you, don’t remember you, or can’t stand you…then they’re probably not going to open your emails. Period.

So the thing that you want to do is obvious…let them get to know you, have them anticipate the emails arrival, and basically become a perceived trusted friend.

I’ll get into more about how to do that in Part 2…but for now back to…

Subject Lines!

A good subject line needs to evoke curiosity first and foremost. You have to figure your inbox to be like the game show “The Price Is Right”. Each email subject line is like a door that they can’t see behind. So what’s going to make someone want to open your door instead of all of the others in front of them.

That’s right… only the subject line. So your subject line must evoke curiosity so much that they can’t help themselves but find out “what’s behind door number 2 Bob?”

Good curiosity subject lines can be:

A question: “Are you making this mistake?”
A bold statement: “Here’s how I can swear on the Bible that you’ll succeed”
One word: “Revenge”
A made-ya-look: “Don’t laugh at my shirt in this training video”

You see what those headlines do? They make you need to know what the heck the sender is talking about.

The one thing that you should never do in a subject line is mislead. Misleading is when you talk about one thing in the subject line just to make someone open, when the message is not even about that at all.

People who open misleading headlines have a long memory, and won’t soon forget that you tricked them once before when you send your next email out.

The Importance of Benefits…

The reason any of us open an email is because we want to know what’s in it for us. Even if it’s a personal email, we will open them according to the benefit that there might be for us.

Let’s face it would you open an email from your best friend that says “workout” in the subject, or from someone of that you’ve had your eye on for a while that says “date?”…

See where the “what’s in it for me” part comes?

So you always want to lay the benefit out boldly in a headline…

“How to lose your thanksgiving weight fast” is a benefit. Who doesn’t want to lose weight.

“Get your bills paid easy this month”. The benefit is the ease of mind that you have when your bills are paid.

Here’s a headline that uses both curiosity and a benefit…
“OMG 45,000 visitors for just .07 cents?”

Who doesn’t want 45,000 visitors to their website, and who doesn’t want to get them so cheap?

Getting your messages opened is the hardest part of the battle. You should work ten times as hard on getting this accomplished as you do on any other part of the process. Once it’s opened then the person is already interested in what you have to say if you’re relevant.

Your best chance at getting good at this is a) Practice coming up with new subject lines…
b) Study the subject lines in your inbox. Get on a lot of marketers lists and see which ones catch your eye c) Study headlines…write them down, keep a swipe file etc.

The better you get at this the more success you’ll have in network marketing by the simple numbers alone.

The next post on this subject will be about how to get people to click the links in your emails. If you like this post please Re-Tweet it to your followers, and please leave a comment if you like it or hate it.

If you want to really learn the secrets of email marketing for network marketers then click here now!

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