Email Marketing for Network Marketers Part 2: Getting Your Network Marketing Prospects from Your Email to Your Network Marketing Opportunity Page!

March 9, 2010

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email_marketing1Alright if you read part 1 of this little Email Marketing crash course we’ve got going here, then you know how to get people to open your email messages among the flood of others in their email box.

You could even probably write an email with a cool enough subject line to get your 16 year old niece to click on your email first… before the one from Facebook saying that someone commented on her status about her listening to Lady Gaga, while talking on the phone and painting her toenails. If you can beat that email then you’ve got the world at your feet…

So now what’s next?

Well the whole darned reason that you’re sending your prospects an email is to get them to click on your links in your email and over to your network marketing opportunity page. That’s all it’s about.

Of course if you hammer away at this day after day they’re basically going to give you a rude gester and click that little unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails, so you have to go about things gingerly.

Well not too gingerly…you want to make them a little aware of the fact that you’re not just emailing them because you’ve got nothing better to do. But basically don’t annoy the heck out of them, pestering them to click a link like your little brother who pestered you to let him borrow your Van Halen albums in the early 80’s.

So have some tact…

I think I mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again (I’ve been saying that a lot lately haven’t I?) you have to give value to your subscribers.

If they feel like they’ve gotten something from you then they’ll already be more inclined to click on your links… just to get your expert opinion on the subjet of network marketing or whatever it is that you’re talking about.

Make the Link Easy to Find…

Have you ever seen those emails where they try so hard to conceal that they’re trying to sell you something that they make the link nearly impossible to find. Don’t be that person.

You should be loud and proud about the fact that you have a kick booty home business opportunity
to share with your reader. You’re helping them out. You’re giving them value,and you’re displaying already in your emails that you have a lot more value where that came from…

So don’t ever try to sheepishly hide your links.

In fact here’s the new rule that you should use….

Put your links in your emails at least 3 times…with one being as close to the top as possible. Why do that? Well what if they don’t read much of your message. What if they’re in a hurry but want to see what you’re talking about really quick before their boss comes back from lunch and catches them sneaking a peak at their personal email account, or checking their Facebook status.
Give them plenty of chances to click your link.

One at the top, one at the bottom, and one in the middle. Not necessarily in that order 😉

Tell Them What To Do…

People are used to following directions. In fact they like direction. People would rather be told what to do rather than have to work and try to figure it out on their own. So tell them to click your link…

“Click the Link Below”
“Click Here Now ==>”
“Click Here”

Whatever gets the job done. You can test to see which is best for your readers. But just tell them.

Give Them a Reason to Click…

Remember when we were talking about subject lines and we said that curiosity and benefits work best for increasing your open rate. Well the same goes for links that you want someone to click. Give them a reason to click.

• “Click the link below to get 5 Free Traffic Strategies”
• “Click the link to get a totally, no strings attached sample of our new product Agel FLEX”
• “Click here to see the crazy shirt my wife picked out for me to shoot the video I made you”

You get the point.

Just remember don’t try any Tom Foolery stuff. If they click the link and it’s not what you said it would be, they’re long memory function will kick in and you’ll be permanently black balled from their email box,or at least their click to open trigger.

Alright so you now know how to get the click in your emails.

But what will you do with this information? Just sit on it and never use it? I hope that you’re not that kind of reader of mine. I hope that you’ll go start using this information right now, and come back and leave comments about your results.

Shoot this out to your Twitter peeps and help them with their email marketing as well.

Your network marketing business will flourish if you help enough people.

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