Don’t Let Us Get Sick, Don’t Let Us Get Old, Don’t Let Us Get Stupid Alright – Why Your Health and Well Being are More Connected to Your Network Marketing Success Than You Might Think…

March 25, 2010

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time4change735x330Warren Zevon was onto something when he wrote the chorus to that song. I thought it was a great way to segue into an article that’s extremely important to your network marketing success. More so than you might think!
One of the things that I’ve seen in life and in business is something that’s extremely troublesome. In fact it could be deemed as downright tragic.
It’s not taking of our health and well-being so that we can enjoy more of this life that we work so hard at in our network marketing businesses to make better.
Let’s face it! How many times have you heard the stories of the person who works their whole lives, working to retire and enjoy life with their loved ones, and only a couple of years later, if not weeks, they pass on, never to enjoy the fruits of all of their labors.
What happens often is that while we’re on that pursuit of happiness, we forget about wellness. We work our butts off at our jobs or in our network marketing businesses (or both) and we forget to take the time to eat right, to exercise, to meditate, or any of the simple little things that could possibly add many more years to our lives.
We let ourselves get stressed out because we didn’t make a quota, or we didn’t recruit enough downline distributors into our network marketing home business, and that stress eats us away from the inside out.
This post is not to preach to you. This post is not to have you think that David Feinstein is being a pain in your butt.
This post is actually meant to be a plea! It’s me, pleading with you to please take the time and do at least a few simple things for yourself so that you can enjoy this wonderful world that you’re carving out for yourself with your network marketing home business.
It’s me hopefully opening your eyes to something that you may have forgotten about. Something that got caught in the cracks on your path to financial well being…
It’s to remind you that there is no financial well-being without health – without life!
Vow to yourself right now that everyday you’ll do at least 1 thing that’s going to help increase your health, and you’ll make it a habit. And then, make another commitment the next month or so and do one more thing. You’ll find that everything gets better, the same way that I saw everything improving as I lost 50 plus pounds with Agel’s Fit Challenge that I took last year.

“The moon has a face
And it smiles on the lake
And causes the ripples in Time
I’m lucky to be here
With someone I like
Who maketh my spirit to shine”

Warren Zevon

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