Breaking Bad Habits – How to Get Your Home Business Off the Losing Path Fast!

May 16, 2011

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Breaking Bad HabitsSometimes we realize that it’s time that we start breaking bad habits in order to get our home business off the losing track.

If this is you, then one of the greatest things is that you recognize that you NEED to break those bad habits.

But there’s more to breaking bad habits than might meet the eye. Read on to find out just what that is…

What Other Elements There Are to Breaking Back Habits…

We all have those habits that we know need breaking when it comes to our home business. We check our email first before we begin working. We check our email too often. We spend too much time on marketing forums.

We spend too much time on social networking sites. We do too much busy work, rather than the work that actually makes us money or gets us sign up to our downline. Etc. etc. The list goes on and on.

But in the midst of breaking all of these habits there’s something that’s important to take not of. You can’t just smash through the old habits and leave a void where that habit used to be.

You have to replace bad habits with new good habits…

This is absolutely essential if you want any chance of taking your business to totally new levels, because while having bad habits can ruin your business, more importantly not having good ones can ensure that it never goes anywhere.

There is one essential thing to remember about habits,and that it is where there’s not a good habit in place, there will likely be a bad one, and there’s no room to squeeze new habits in, in most cases. There’s only room to replace old habits with the good ones.

But more importantly you can’t simply break a habit, you can ONLY replace them. So if your business is suffering because you’ve got bad habits, it means that you need to start forming the good habits.
Here are some things that you can start doing right away that will most definitely help…

Stop Checking Your Email First Thing… Most people will sit down at their desk and check their email. What does this lead to? It leads to a bunch of other stuff that ISN’T working. Before know it you know it, you’re following a link to a website, and then from there following another link, and so on and so forth to the point where you don’t even know what you were supposed to be doing.

Your better off getting some work done first, whether it’s writing an email to your leads, or writing articles for your blog, or whatever. Just start working and that will set out the whole work time off on the right track.

Make a List Each Night… How many times have you sat down and had no clue what you needed to be doing. Well that’s like going to the store without a list. You end up buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Without a list for working, you end doing a bunch of stuff that’s not on the list.

But it’s crucial that you make that list the night before, not the day of. This is because what you need to finish will be fresh in your mind so that you can get started right away the next day.

These two new habits alone will be enough to get your business moving in high gear. Then you can start breaking habits in other places as well.

But when it comes to home business success there’s a lot more to just breaking bad habits.

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