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February 13, 2009

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Like most good students in the MLM industry, we’re told by our sponsors and upline to make lists of our “warm market”. Our friends and family, our dry cleaners, our doctor, accountant, personal trainer, store clerks, waiters, local businessmen and women, everyone that “knows our names”.

Then we were told to get people on 3 way calls with our upline, go meet people at shopping malls, at seminars and events, go to expos and take a booth to display your products and company… talk to everyone within 3 feet who come in front of you.

Well, I don’t know about you and your success with doing that, but I can tell you after spending 20 years in this industry that most people get a lot of rejection and even family members who say “don’t ever call me again”… and sometimes even ruining friendships. PRESSURE, PRESSURE… yup, that’s the way that most people are taught to go build their MLM business.

Well folks, I’ve got news for you. THERE is a serious PROBLEM with the Old Methods…IF you are ONLY depending on that method to build your network. YES, I do believe that the old method can produce some really great potential prospects who can become leaders… but honestly, do you really believe that if you contacted and met with all of your friends and family (even neighbors you don’t know), and presented your business opportunity and products that you’d make a LARGE ANNUAL 6 FIGURE INCOME? GET A GRIP! The chances of that happening are SLIM to ZERO and SLIM just left town.

HOWEVER, I still believe that the OLD METHODS when combined with new world Technology and cutting edge strategies of MARKETING can achieve that LARGE ANNUAL 6 FIGURE INCOME. We have a unique paradigm shift that’s occurred in the MLM industry that was badly needed, and today the idea of “marketing” as in Network Marketing has never been clearer or simpler.

Marketing for any business is about being able to attract people to you…being attracted to whatever it is that you’re marketing. When you are clear about your “target market” and market to a specific market niche you can have success. Now, compare that to the “old traditional” methods where you are approaching and talking to people who are totally “untargeted” … you are praying that you’ll find some prospects that may have interest in what you’re marketing. What a difference in your business plan that can make, when you target those who WANT what you are offering.

To achieve good results, you need a clear marketing plan that is Laser focused to those people who are looking for an MLM business opportunity or the type of products you’re offering… having a targeted market in your sights will always create the best success in marketing.

The first thing you need to understand is that success is no mystery. Success is no “secret” locked up in some cave that you will never discover. In fact…the secret to success is so simple, so ‘in front of most people’s faces’, that they miss it completely.

What I’m about to share with you makes real sense. It will resonate in your heart, and in your mind, because it’s the absolute REAL information I have learned over the past 20 years. And if you take what I am about to share with you to heart…there is no way in heck you can’t create as much success as I’ve had, if not more.

So “what’s the secret”, you ask?

It’s actually two things. In order to build the lifestyle of your dreams, and create a walk away residual income that pays you for the rest of your life, you need to master these two things:

1. Marketing—having a system that works that your prospect will believe in to make them a success.
2. Leadership—your prospect sees you as a leader, a mentor to guide them towards success.

That’s it my friends. And when you LEARN how to be a master marketer, able to command the exact people you need to grow a huge business right to you, You can achieve great financial success.

When you top that off with REAL leadership, personal development, and psychological branding principles…you will be a force for success more powerful than a hurricane.

So, when you master these vital qualities you will be like a magnet, attracting people to you all the time. You would have mastered the spirit of attraction marketing offering value to all who seek your knowledge and mentorship. Now is the time to become the master and teach others.

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