Automated Income Stream – How to Get Started Earning a Passive Residual Income Quickly

August 30, 2010

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Are you looking for an automated income stream that will let you enjoy life a little while you make money?

That’s the ideal situation right?

The thing is that there are few true opportunities that actually ever lead to that sort of automated stream of income, so you have to be very cautious of your approach so you don’t end up in a situation that’s worse than a job.

How to Get Started with an Automated Income Stream from Home That Allows You to Enjoy Life the Way It’s Meant to Be Enjoyed…

There are various ways that someone can make an income from home, but contrary to what you hear, that doesn’t always translate to an automated income stream. In fact it often translates into working harder from home for much less money than if you just had a job.

So you have to be careful with the income from home opportunities that you get yourself involved with.

You’ve probably run across tons and tons of ads for these types of opportunities by now. Some are just off the wall silly like surveys and stuffing envelopes. Others seem more legitimate like placing ads and then sitting back and watching the money roll in. It’s very cut-throat out there so most business opportunity advertisers will tell you whatever they can think up to get you to sign up for stuff.

What is Automated Income?…

Automated income streams usually mean income that comes in because a system is set-up to bring in that income.

Other names for this type of income are actually “residual income” and “passive income”, or even “passive residual income”. This is the type of income that’s very much like the way a musician, or an author, or film producer earns. It’s where a person will create something to sell once, and then earn residual income everytime someone purchases that creation.

In the real world, other ways to earn that type of income are through real estate, and even insurance sales. Basically if you purchase a rental unit and rent it out, then you’ll earn residual passive income. Meaning that you made the purchase of the unit, and/or rented the property out and now you get paid each month that someone is living in that area.

When it comes to insurance then an agent will sale an insurance policy once, and earn a commission each month that someone pays their premium to stay on that plan.

Now of course there is a much better way, and much more fun way to earn that type of income that allows the average person like you or me to swoop in and earn. It’s the way that my wife and I earn an automated income stream and that’s through the network marketing industry.

Network marketing, or sometimes called MLM (I’m sure you’ve heard of it) is where a person works from home, as a distributor for a company, and gets paid a commission on the sales of the products or services for that company.

Usually the products are of very high quality, and therefore re-ordered monthly, which would be the reason it’s considered residual income. But it goes one step further…

You see the company actually pays you to train other distributors, and for that they’ll pay you a commission of not only your sales, but as well their sales, and it goes down the line as far as the company decides. So that’s really the epitome of a passive residual income and fits very nicely to your query of an automated income stream.

If you’re looking for an automated income stream, and you need mentors who have taken by the hand… and guided, literally tens of thousands of people to success with home businesses then click here!

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