Automated Income Stream – 3 Crucial Elements For You to Earn a Passive Income Like I Do!

August 20, 2010

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An automated income stream is one of the most incredible…as well as sought after ways of earning an income that there is.

It’s exhilarating to know that each month or even week you’re going to be earning an income that can pay some or all of your bills…and sometimes with plenty left over.

But certain elements must be in place for this to happen.


What it Takes to Earn an Automated Income Stream Each Month Like Clockwork…

Automated income, also called residual income, or passive income is certainly the type of income that you should be striving for. There are many different ways of earning this type of money but there are three elements that need to be in place for it to happen.

So here are…

The 3 Crucial Elements That Make Earning Automated Income Streams Possible

Product That is Consumable – Here’s the deal. Unless you’re bald or have gone bald, have you ever bought shampoo or soap just once? No way, when you run out of soap or shampoo you have to buy it again…and you have to do that each and every time you run out (well, unless you want greasy hair).

How about vitamins? Vitamins aren’t something meant to be taken for a week or month and then stopped. You’re supposed to take them each and every month like clockwork in order to stay healthy. These types of consumable products are great for earning an automated income stream because these types of products can be put on auto-order (autoship) and payed for each month.

A System That Is Set-Up for This Type of Income – There are various ways to earn an automated income, especially online. Membership sites seem to be very much the rage but believe me…they’re tough to set up and maintain.

You’re better off with a separate system that’s operated for you that both takes orders, and pays out the money made. Affiliate marketing systems have this and some are great for earning an automatic monthly income. Another type of system set up for this is through network marketing.

The great thing about a network marketing business opportunity is that it usually will be based around a consumable product or service which kills two birds with one stone.

Happy Automated Customers – There are certain things that make someone keep re-ordering a product on auto-ship each month.

Love of the product is one of the biggest. Usually this is called brand loyalty. You can see this walking down the street on garbage day. Basically if you were to watch close and keep track you would see the same brands each and every week in peoples garbage because of this loyalty.

It’s great if there are other factors stacked on top of this one though. The great thing about network marketing is that the stacked factor is that for someone to be a distributor they must order the products that they sell. Most do because they love the products. Others re-order and resell for a profit. That’s the capitalist way and that’s a beautiful thing.

So definitely having an army of brand loyal people under you in your downline, all selling the same product line that you get a commission from is a wonderful thing and can produce a monster automated income stream for you.

Are you ready to feel the elation of earning an automated income stream?

If you want to find out the fastest – most sure method – for the average person to earn a serious and stable income from home… that keeps coming in month after month like clockwork then click here now!

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