Article Marketing Tips – 3 Easy Ways to Increase the Click Thru Rate of Your Article Resource Boxes…

May 18, 2011

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Article Marketing TipsThese days people who are using article to get website traffic and build their home businesses need article marketing tips more than ever.

Part of the reason is that article marketing has just gotten more difficult.

With the last changes that Google made, a lot of the article got dropped. Sites like,, and many others lost a lot of juice in the search engines.

Fortunately many of them have made some changes that are helping them get some of that ranking power back. That’s good for those of us who understands the ebb and flow of the online marketing game. We keep pressing on, knowing that eventually our articles will start ranking better again. Presence

But here’s the thing…

We need our articles to do double the work now. For instance, if our articles traffic has been cut in half, then we need to make sure that our click thru rate is doubled so that we can keep getting the same amount of traffic as we were.

So Here are 3 Article Marketing Tips to Help Get Your Resource Box Click Thru Rate Higher

Tip #1… Don’t repel clicks by talking about YOU. Your readers care about one thing and one thing only. They care about how you can help THEM. In there mind they’re thinking, what is clicking this link going to do for me.

So if you’ve written an article on using Twitter for network marketing, instead of saying “John Doe is a network marketing professional who has a degree in sociology and business”, write something like “Are YOU struggling to get more prospects with Twitter? If you want to learn how to get 10 leads a day from Twitter then click here now”.

You see, you’re talking about them and their immediate problem, not you and your credentials.

Tip #2…Put a clear call to action! Notice how I added “click here now” above? Well that’s because doing so increases click thru’s hugely.

You see, believe it or not, people like being told what to do. They like having clear instructions to follow, and including “click here now” leaves little room for confusion. It’s very clear what the reader must do, if they want more information on getting prospects from Twitter (or whatever it is that your article happens to be about).

Tip #3…Make your resource box as if it’s just part of the article. A lot of people will flag their resource box and which repels people from reading it. After all, in the reader’s mind, they’re thinking…oh they’re about to try and sell me something here.

But when the resource box simply flows from the article, then the defenses don’t go up so quickly, and before they know it they’re clicking your link to get more info.

Now one quick little bonus article marketing tip… make sure that your resource box is relevant to the article. Include your main keyword within the article and make it relevant.

If you want to see some of my very own articles at that will make these article marketing tips make a whole lot more since, then click here now!

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