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July 23, 2010

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So many people today are asking the question…what really was the No Excuses Summit about?  Was it just a bunch of crazy internet marketers who promote, sell and hawk their Affiliate Marketing wares?  Was it a lot of hype and delivery of zilch?  Or was it a real serious experience for those who attended, regardless of what “industry” they were coming from?

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Well the answers to these questions are simply stated by saying that this event, appropriately named the NO EXCUSES SUMMIT was a blending together of business professionals from the Network Marketing (ML) industry and the Internet Marketing industry.  Yes you heard right…a “blending” of these two industries/professions that has created what’s now being called the Internet Network Marketing Industry!

Think about this for a moment…this is 2010, the modern day period of the “blazing internet” that probably nearing 86% of the world (no idea where that came from) is “online” at some point during the course of a day…be it on their office computers, home computers or even internet cafes. The internet has become not just a worldwide phenomenon, but a way of being able to communicate through technology across the world.  It brings together and expands our global reach…and not just for business, but also for our personal lives as well.

It puts us in touch easily and inexpensively with friends and family who may live at a distance from where we live…even in other countries…it expands our reach and helps to bring each of us closer to others.  Just imagine your family member in the US Army serving in Iraq or some other foreign location, or a family member living in Italy…the power of the Internet gives us the capability of global communications…simple and easy and inexpensively!  It’s power and capability is almost incomprehensible on so many levels.

But let us not stray from the purpose here…we are talking about the NO EXCUSES SUMMIT that brought together two GLOBAL industries and has now created for those who choose to embrace it, one massive powerful industry…Ladies and Gentlemen welcome the 21st Century’s “INTERNET NETWORK MARKETING INDUSTRY“…truly this is becoming MLM on STEROIDS.

Just think about how the MLM/Network Marketing industry has operated up until the most recent few years.  The industry has always been about “people to people” and has primarily been built “belly to belly”….people meeting together to talk about, learn about and get educated about a company, a product line, an opportunity.

Well friends, the bridge has been crossed, the amalgam of those powerful people who support and build their business through ONLINE methods have joined with the more traditional OFFLINE business professionals and today one can build their business within the MLM/Network Marketing industry by applying and using online methods as well as the more traditional people-to-people methods.  THIS IS POWERFUL.

The NO EXCUSES SUMMIT was the first time in both industries where Pro’s got together with about 900 attendees to not just educate, enlighten and awaken those attending the event, but the 17 speakers delivered content and Value that truly was beyond anyone’s expectations!

Now I’ll be perfectly honest and tell you that we have built our Network Marketing business primarily “offline” the traditional way…yup you guessed it, the belly-to-belly technique!  But over the last 2 years we’ve been educating ourselves and acquiring significant knowledge about the “internet ONLINE” methods that those wild ones from the Internet Marketing world have been talking about.

Today we  absolutely use and apply both methodologies to build our Internet Network Marketing business…and attending the NO EXCUSES SUMMIT was for us the culmination and the “coming out party” for this New Industry.

My friends it is without a doubt important to heed some advice here today…the world has changed and will continue to change and evolve …and we as human beings continue to evolve, expand, and broaden our knowledge base and get the opportunity of applying our new knowledge to our everyday activities…and that of course includes how we operate in our business world environment.

Today it is Your Turn if you want it to be…today it is your turn to put away any pre-conceived ideas you may have had about the “internet marketing” industry…today it is your turn to kick up your business not just “a notch” but it’s time to “ramp it up”.  The internet has brought the potential of exposing your business to not just a few, not just your city, your state or even your country, but the opportunity of a “global” exposure.  Today, that is your universe.  TIME to embrace it and get out of your own way and just do it.

Listen, there’s a lot to learn every day of our lives…this amazing event was an eye-opener for so many and since there’s a strong likelihood that you were NOT able to attend the event for one reason or another, I strongly recommend that each of you jump over to get your names on the Priority Waiting list website so that as soon as the DVD sets are available, we can be in touch with you and make sure that you get your own personal copy.  While you’re at that website, you’ll be able to read a complete review of the NO EXCUSES SUMMIT event as well as watch a video that we put together for you, which is an overview of what the event was about and what each of the speakers spoke about.

This stuff was totally Empowering to us, and we’re sure it will be you too…we are 100% sure of that.

So don’t delay, jump over to the website and get your name ASAP on this PRIORITY WAITING LIST for your DVD copy of the event…you won’t be sorry you did!

Wishing you success every day…

Big hugs from David & Ann Feinstein



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