Are You Getting Discouraged with your Network Marketing Business? – 3 Ways to Deal With It Effectively!

April 26, 2010

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help-buttonOne of the hard things to deal with as a network marketing trainer and sponsor is seeing people who get discouraged and quit building their network marketing business.

But here’s the thing. Discouragement happens, and at some point in time it WILL happen to you.

Things don’t always go the way you want them to. You don’t close a lead; you have trouble speaking to your leads so you have to learn how; you don’t understand how to do something so simple online that a 12 year old could do; or even down the road a major player in your downline quits and moves onto another company taking a big chunk of your income with them.

Like any business…annoying things will happen in your network marketing business. But it’s the way you deal with it that makes the difference. It saddens my wife Ann and I when we see people on our team with great potential who quit just because they hit a bump in the road. We know that if they just were to handle the situation differently then they could surely go on to build their network marketing business.

So then I want to give you:

3 Ways to Deal with Discouragement in Your Network Marketing Business…Without Throwing in the Towel…

1) Assess the Situation Objectively – If something has gone wrong in your business it’s likely…whether you want to admit it or not…due to a wrong move that you’ve made. Maybe it’s something that you should have done that you didn’t.

Perhaps it wasn’t your fault at all, and just something that could be helped. Either way you won’t ever know if you don’t assess and analyze the situation so that this doesn’t happen to your network marketing business again.

If you don’t figure it out, the chances are that you’ll run into the same problem again, causing you to get discouraged yet again. The truth is that each time you get discouraged it increases your chances of throwing in the towel…especially early on.

2) Be Persistent – There are few better things that you can utilize in any endeavor in this world, whether it’s your network marketing business or otherwise, than PERSISTENCE!

Napoleon Hill, author of the premier self-development and success book in the world “Think and Grow Rich” among many other programs said that: “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success”.

In the book Acre’s of Diamonds, author Russell Conwell talks about a man who had gone out into the field to find diamonds and missed it by just 3 feet. He gave up there and moved away dejected and plagued with depression. But the next man came to the farm and shifted his plan by just 3 feet and found those diamonds that the first man had given up on. This went on to become one of the greatest diamond finds in the world.
If you’ll stay committed to moving forward through faith in yourself, and are persistent in carrying through with your plan and actions… and keep right on moving with the patience that you know it is to be for you and your network marketing business, you will eventually get there.

However don’t just blindly be persistent, because you can be persistent in the wrong direction. You need to remember to assess your situation and see that what you’re doing makes sense.

3) Consult with People Who Have Achieved What You’re Trying to Achieve – It’s insane how very few people with a network marketing business don’t leverage what they have in their upline which is tremendous knowledge and systems.

You’re in a home business opportunity where tons of people have gone on to achieve great success. The same success that you’re after in fact! So therefore why would you not consult with these people and get their exact blueprint.

Too many people think that it’s nobler to forge their own paths to success, rather than follow the exact blueprint of someone else who has achieved great success. It’s actually nobler to get to success as fast as possible with a proven blueprint and then go on to show other people that same blueprint.

So there you go, there are three ways to get through discouragement in your network marketing business and then go on to achieve immense success anyways.

If you’re having a specific problem right now then go ahead and leave a comment below and utilize our 2 decades of experience.

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