Agel Network Marketing…Why We Switched to Agel After 17 Years of Success with Another Company!

January 11, 2010

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imagesIs there something that makes Agel Network Marketing any more special than any network marketing in general?

Well, as an Agel network marketer I would certainly say yes. I wouldn’t be a distributor with Agel if I couldn’t say yes to that question, but I’m generally someone who loves the industry as a whole to be honest.

Network marketing in my eyes, as well as my wife and business partner Ann’s eyes, is the greatest way in the world to make money.

I mean come on, it’s something I can do from home, I get to work with my closest friends, and I get to make money each month from something I did many months or even years prior, so it really doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s a great industry and most companies will give you that same opportunity that I just described in one way or another. So what makes the Agel Network Marketing plan any better?

Well first of all let’s look at the things that got us so excited about Agel, that we left our previous and massively successful network marketing business after 17 years.

Nobody makes any money, creates any sort of wealthy lifestyle without product moving…I don’t care what else you hear. The products have to be so effective that people will re-order monthly without batting an eye. Agel’s products fit that description brilliantly.

The products are convenient and extremely effective on various fronts. They’re innovative, and like nothing anybody has EVER seen before. So when it comes to Agel network marketing, the products were first and foremost in our minds.

Ok so the products are amazing and effective but so what? If you or your downline can’t get paid for moving product then what’s the use? We might as well just take the products and find another network marketing company that pays. Nope.

Agel network marketing is amazing because of the compensation plan. That was another huge driving force. Agel’s compensation let’s the new beginner see some quick cash through fast start bonuses…and pays really well in the long haul as well.

Basically where a lot of companies have one element or the other, Agel’s network marketing compensation plan covers both new and experienced distributors very generously. In fact what they actually did was take all of the best aspect of the four most successful comp plan structures, stripped out all the stuff that wasn’t good, and kept what was.

That’s not even mentioning all the level bonuses that you get, plus car bonuses, vacation bonuses, and monthly travel expenses.

There are many things that makes Agel network marketing superior in a superior industry. Those listed above are enough to get anyone excited, as it did us. But other things such as leadership played a huge role as well.

Agel network marketing is at the top of the heap of a great industry. When two very successful network marketers, with a humungous global downline in the tens of thousands agrees to switch companies to focus on after 17 y ears, then you know something very special is going on this company.

If you want to see for yourself exactly what we say then just check out our website that makes it very streamline to succeed with Agel network marketing the way that we do. Click here now!

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