Agel Business Opportunity – Help Defining Your “Why”

December 18, 2009

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whyA lot of times we see people struggling with their Agel business, who seem like they should just be knocking it out of the park. People with great dynamic personalities, people who could sell ice to an Eskimo, people with a rolodex of great influential people… just people who shouldn’t have any problem at all.

It can leave us scratching our heads for a while trying to figure why these people are having such trouble with the Agel business opportunity, while other people who have everything against them succeed wildly.

Then the answer dawns on us… their “WHY” isn’t big enough…or not clearly defined!

You see, in any endeavor in life, whether it be business, sports, academics, or relationship success…in most cases the person with the biggest reason to win, will win.

In sports, it’s usually the person with the most at stake. Athletes with something to prove will very often outperform the athlete who has lost that edge.

In business it’s much the same, especially in an MLM business like Agel, where you’re your own boss, and there’s nobody really pushing you to success except for yourself.

In fact it can seem like a very lonely road where nobody else believes in your pending success except for you. It’s those times when you really need to find that “Why”.

Your WHY is that big reason that will keep you going through thick and thin! Because when your spouse is telling you that it “ain’t gonna happen”…when your friends laugh and giggle behind your back…or when your family is planning MLM interventions…well it’s up to you to keep pushing until you win.

When that gets tougher you need a higher reason.

There are many “Why’s” that people have used to succeed in the past.

• Some people want to provide the best life for their family.
• Some want their kids to go to college and not have a life of student loans.
• Some want to retire in comfort and live happily ever after in the sun.
• Some hate their jobs and will stop at nothing to get rid of their boss.

These are happy and fine and dandy, but it may take a little more push than that. You see, there’s this little thing called the comfort zone, and it takes a great storm to get you to leave that comfort zone.

Sometimes it takes things that are a little more negative to get you moving. In other words, sometimes it takes a bit of getting pissed off to move that mountain, and use anger as a positive.

• Some want to just show all of the naysayers that they’re dead wrong.
• Some can’t wait to laugh in those naysayers faces.
• Some can’t wait for that moment when they can tell their boss EXACTLY what they think of them.

The list goes on.

But the point is always the same. You must use your ‘WHY’ as your propellant. The fuel that gets you up in the morning and causes you to make those phone calls, to go to the meetings, to listen in on training calls, to build websites and blogs, and to write articles.

Your WHY may be the one most single factor in your success, whether you believe it or not. A good WHY has made many people succeed wildly with their Agel business opportunity as well other places in the world.

Choose your WHY(s) carefully, and use them to push you past the finish line, even if it’s merely REVENGE that gets you there.

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