3 Ways to Be a Great Network Marketing Sponsor that Your Downline Will Look Up To…

March 12, 2010

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leadership-300x300In network marketing you have a great opportunity to do something great for a ton of different people. That something is to be a great network marketing sponsor for your downline.

So often these days, with the internet coming into play, network marketers are trying so hard to be hands off sponsors rather than becoming real life mentors who get on the phone and supply great value through email.

I’m telling you right now that you’re doing yourself and your downline a huge disservice by doing that. Why? Because neither you or them are getting the full potential to grow your network marketing home business.

Being a network marketing sponsor carries a responsibility with it.

I wish that when you got into this MLM industry they made you sign a contract to be a great sponsor and be there for your downline. It should be required, and you should basically pretend that it is.

So How Do You Become a Great Network Marketing Sponsor?

Here are 2 ways you can start right now:

1) Simply Be There for Your Team… Your downline is looking up to you. They need answers and they’re looking to you to be guide them.

Be there to guide them and help them get started. Be there to help them get their first 3 sign ups, and then be there to help them help those 3 sign ups to get started. Once you’ve done that you’ve given them a road to success to follow, and you’ve helped them learn to walk so that they can now start running.

2) Give Them a Proven System… Network marketing is a business of systems and that’s why it works so well. Systems let your downline come right in and start running their network marketing business right away. This means that they don’t come in floundering around and not knowing exactly what to do.

Being a network marketer means that you’ve decided to embrace the beauty of this industry. Embracing that means you’ve chosen an industry where “networking” is the way of the business.

Have you embraced that? If not then you will likely not succeed in this industry to be totally blunt with you. The reason for that is that you can’t succeed in this business if your downline doesn’t succeed.

This is a business of leverage. Leverage means that you’re leveraging off the efforts of not just yourself and the work you did weeks, months, or even years ago, but also the work your downline is doing.

Therefore the give and take must be there. You must allow them to leverage off of your experience, and therefore you will leverage off of their activity. That’s what makes your network marketing business have more potential than any other out there in the world.

Go and be a GREAT network marketing sponsor starting today and from here on out.

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