3 Ways How to Slim Down Before Summer

April 22, 2010

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slimWow, summer is already quickly approaching and well…maybe you’re still packing on a few of those extra pounds that you packed on to “insulate” you from the winter months. If so, then it’s time to start taking action to slim down before summer so that you can look good for that bathing suit.

There’s really nothing worse than having to go through a summer where you’re embarrassed to get into the pool when there’s company, or enjoy the beach because you’re filling too frumpy.

But the good news is that you certainly have time to get rid of that frump, and I’m going to give you 3 quick and easy ways right now that anyone can use.

3 Easy…Yet Effective Ways…to Slim Down Before Summer

1) Eat Breakfast – So many people make the epic mistake of skipping breakfast thinking that they’re helping themselves slim down before summer, when what they’re actually doing is hurting their chances. When you skip breakfast you’re setting yourself up for failure for the rest of day.

When you eat breakfast you’re doing a few things that create success for your slimming down goal. First of all you’re getting full, which means you’re likely going to take in less calories and harmful carbs during the day. You’re also amping up your metabolism which means that your body’s going to burn more calories throughout the day.

Of course the caveat here is that you need to eat a healthy breakfast if you truly want to slim down by summer. Whole grains should be a staple, as long as a fruit, and some healthy fats. Avocados are great as well as nuts like almonds or cashews, or even some sort of olive oil based spread on your toast.

2) Go Halvies on Your Plate – One of the things that really kill your chances of slimming down by summer or slimming down at all in fact is portion size. How many times have you pushed your empty plate away from yourself at the table and said “I didn’t need to eat all of that?” A lot of people do it for every meal. It’s hard when the food is already on your plate, but if you start with half the portion then you’re going to see that it’s monumentally easier.

One way to sort of trick yourself is to use a smaller plate, which will look better to those eyes in your stomach…instead of looking at a spars plate with lots of empty space.

Doing this for each meal could easily have you seeing a dramatic weight loss and very fast, and chances are you won’t even miss it.

3) Use a Powerful Meal Supplement That Helps With Number 2 Above – If you’re thinking it’s going to be tough to control your portions then you’re not alone. But it’s easy when you have a meal supplement as good as Agel FIT.

You see Agel FIT will help you actually curb your appetite, and it does it in a totally healthy way. In fact it actually gives your body nutrients that you need in order to stay healthy.

FIT from Agel actually even helps with the weight loss process because it contains a patent pending ingredient called Citrimax which helps keep your body from storing unused carbs as fat in your body.

The ingredients of Agel FIT also help your body burn the extra fat that it’s stored with thermogetics. And if that’s not enough then you’ll like the idea of the fact that it helps increase your mood by increasing your serotonin levels…which will help you get through those rough spots in your goal to slim down.

Alright so you have a couple of months before summer, and by then you should be able to be hotter than ever.

If you want to get that jump start with Agel Fit then go ahead and click here to learn even more about it and see a video that shows exactly what this stuff can do for you!

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